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TFH Inventors Club is designed to serve Low to Middle Incomes

 Do you know how much INVENT-HELP Costs? They charge $945 for a Basic Information Package PLUS from $10,900 to $15,900 to get more than a book and a cd. Many great inventions have hit that roadblock to getting an invention patented and sit undeveloped in the shop.

In our experience many of the companies that market their services to take care of patent valuation and getting a patent on an idea or an actual invention charge many thousands of dollars and do not guarantee much, let alone deliver. Most folks walk away unpatented.

Our Inventors Club is designed to provide YOU with the training you need to get your idea or invention patented and licensed to a manufacturer at a cost almost anyone can afford. Our Non profit Inventors Club even offers scholarships to those with very low incomes. Our inventor mentors are NASA Scientists and Engineers and not only help you develop your invention but our FREE Patent Lawyers and marketing experts will help you get your idea or invention licensed so you can collect royalties and help support your family with your ideas. We’ve been through it all and our non profit charity has helped hundreds of inventors get their regular royalties checks coming.

Because we are a NOT FOR PROFIT Organization, we offer membership at a totally affordable price which includes our PROVEN 8 step Patenting program, FREE Patent Lawyer Consultation and FREE Marketing Expert Evaluation. We care about people. We care about you! A donation of a mere $375 gets you a lifetime membership. You can’t even get started with many of the so called invention helpers companies out there for that!

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Products Licensed

Patents Pending

Gov't Patents

Millions $ Sold

The Inventors Club Teaches:

When you become a TFH Consortium member, you will follow our 8-step program and learn how to:

Protect your Idea

  • Logging in notebook
  • Filing for a copyright
  • Filing for provisional patent

Conduct a basic patent search

  • Using the internet
  • Using the public library

Build a prototype

  • Where to find outside help
  • Using art work to demonstrate

Find a buyer for your invention or idea

  • Determine the category invention falls in
  • Using the internet to locate manufacturers in your category
  • Using retail stores to find potential buyers

Create your presentation without giving away Trade Secrets

  • Creating correct sales pitch for phone conversation
  • Creating a sales pitch for email communication (telling what your invention does without telling how its made)
  • Make a sample presentation as a member of our Inventor’s Consortium made up of Aero Space Engineers from NASA & JPL

Use a Nondisclosure or Confidentiality Agreement.

  • Using a DVD video or Private Youtube Video to demonstrate your invention

Mail a non-disclosure by certified mail and demo DVD

  •  Set up the physical product mission meeting using non-disclosures

Draw up an “Exclusive Licensing Agreement Contract”

  • Filing your utility or design patent trademark
  • Filing for copyright and trademark

``We're Christians. We Pray. We get downloads from Heaven. TFH is Technology from Heaven.``

 “I wisdom dwell with prudence, and find out knowledge of witty inventions.”
Proverbs 8:12

Introduction to The Inventors Club

(3min) Please take a moment to click on this short video introduction
to Technology From Heaven Inventors Club. You’ll get some
insight as to who we are and what we do.

TFH Inventors Club on TV

(2min) Trinity Broadcasting Network features Clayton Golliher talking about Technology From Heaven Inventors Club created  to help formerly homeless youth find a purpose and get a jump on life from a different perspective.

What Makes Our Inventors Consortium Work For YOU?

 Having Experienced Guides and Mentors makes all the Difference in Your Succeess!

Contact Pastor Clayton Golliher, (213) 820-8305,

Some of Our Successful Inventions to Date Include:

Mattel HoverBoard Barbie

Mattel Toy . “Barbie on a hover board drone “sold worldwide. Sales of over $100 million est. Settlement Pending.

Inventors Club with Barbie Prototypes

Tyco wheelie cycle controller.

Sales over $20 million worldwide. Collected $65,000 in royalties for Charity.

Our Unique Life-Like Handlebars Controller

Paul G ForceFlyers

Collected $40,000 for Charity On Force Flyer in royalties with $100,000 owed

Our Unique Glove Controller For RC

Virtual Reality Concepts Joystick Aircraft Controller

Collected $30,000 in Royalties for Charity

Our Unique Joystick Controller puts you in the Cockpit

Propel RC

Our Unique Technology Licensed to Propel was used to create many Propel products

Collected $40,000 in Royalties for Charity

Phido Phone Leash

Collected $10,000 in Sales for Charity

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(213) 820-8305,

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