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We're on a mission from God!

We’re laser-focused on helping low to middle income people get their ideas patented for peanuts while the big companies charge tens of thousands of dollars for the same thing with dismal tracks records for success. It’s a ministry for us.

What makes us different?

  • We offer professional help as part of Membership. Patent Lawyers, Marketing experts, technical mentorship from NASA/JPL engineers (you’ve never heard that one before!)
  • Free with Membership:  Evaluation of  your invention PLUS We’ll help you get in in front of the right buyer!
  • At less than $400, we offer everything you need to know at the lowest cost we know of.
  • Our Own track record for TFH alone is 10 gov’t patents issued, 24 patents pending and 68 products licensed, and scores of other achieved for our members!
  • We’re Christians. We Pray and Receive Technology Idea from Heaven. At our Los Angeles Inventors Club, We’ll help you receive the Holy Spirit so you too can receive Ideas From Heaven!

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