New York International Toy Fair 2017

The Inventors Consortium Inventions being featured at BlueSky Wireless Booth #1955

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Technology From Heaven with BlueSky Wireless

 at the International ToyFair NY 2017  Booth #1955 Feb. 18-21

New York Toy Fair Features these Concept Debuts!

BlueSky Wireless Booth # 1955

Child Tested - Child Approved!

In this short video a child is Showing how easy it is to Fly the Blue Sky Robot with out 8 function Blaster/Controller

Pump Action Blaster Controller

In this short video Pastor Clayton Explains 8 function Blaster/Controller in Pump-Action Form.
Note: The Mute-for-Moms button is not engaged in this video.

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Protect your Idea

  • Logging in notebook
  • Filing for a copyright
  • Filing for provisional patent

Conduct a basic patent search

  • Using the internet
  • Using the public library

Build a prototype

  • Where to find outside help
  • Using art work to demonstrate

Find a buyer for your invention or idea

  • Determine the category invention falls in
  • Using the internet to locate manufacturers in your category
  • Using retail stores to find potential buyers

Free Patent Lawyer Consulation

When you Join the TFH Inventors Club, you'll get the rest of the course:

Create your presentation without giving away Trade Secrets

  • Creating correct sales pitch for phone conversation
  • Creating a sales pitch for email communication (telling what your invention does without telling how its made)
  • Make a sample presentation as a member of our Inventor’s Consortium made up of Aero Space Engineers from NASA & JPL

Use a Nondisclosure or Confidentiality Agreement.

  • Using a DVD video or Private Youtube Video to demonstrate your invention

Mail a non-disclosure by certified mail and demo DVD

  •  Set up the physical product mission meeting using non-disclosures

Draw up an “Exclusive Licensing Agreement Contract”

  • Filing your utility or design patent trademark
  • Filing for copyright and trademark

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